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Diabetes mellitus ranks second in the leading natural causes of death in South Africa (5.1% of all deaths), and the principal cause of death in South African women (Stats SA, 2018). Underappreciated, is that four other top-10 causes of death (other forms of heart disease and cerebrovascular, hypertensive and ischaemic heart diseases) are often entwined with diabetes, either as comorbidities or as complications of delayed diagnosis and/or poor diabetes management (accounting for a further 17.4% of total deaths). Additionally, two-thirds of Sub-Saharan Africans with diabetes are undiagnosed (IDF, 2017) and at risk for life-threatening complications. Despite this, health services are feeling the pressure of this epidemic with nearly 10,000 new cases of diabetes monthly in the South African public sector and private sector medical funders struggling with burgeoning costs.

The cost of treating chronic conditions (especially lifestyle-related conditions such as diabetes) are estimated to cost the global economy $47-trillion over the next 20 years – which beyond the health consequences, threatens economic stability (Picard, A, 2018). Data from the United Kingdom indicates that the cost of treating diabetes is not primarily due to the medicine and healthcare professional consultations required to manage blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol to maintain health and function. Rather, 80% of the costs are due to the management of preventable complications of uncontrolled diabetes (Hex et al 2012). The cost of inaction is thus untenable.

The CDE, a Registered Managed Healthcare Company was founded in 1994 by current Chairman of the Board and internationally renowned endocrinologist, Dr. Larry Distiller. The CDE has evolved from a single centre to a peer-reviewed and audited national provider network operating at primary, secondary and tertiary care levels. This network includes 197 CDE ‘Centres of Excellence’, each with a CDE-Accredited doctor (50 led by a specialist physician or endocrinologist) and over 600 contracted general practitioner providers. Through the guidance of Dr. Distiller and the highly trained CDE Provider Network, we have pioneered holistic, comprehensive, person-centred, and evidence- and value-based care to over 150 000 people with diabetes within South Africa.

CDE has received numerous awards and international recognition for the delivery of best practice, person-centred diabetes care and cardiovascular risk management, clinical research, healthcare publishing, healthcare professional education and mentoring and community support and advocacy.

A key aspect of our success is our altered reimbursement and diabetes risk management solution – The CDE Diabetes Management Programme (DMP). The CDE DMP was designed to ensure that the principles of best-practice diabetes care and cardiovascular risk reduction are applied to:

  • Achieve and maintain good diabetes and risk factor control through the rational use of targeted lifestyle and drug therapies
  • Reduce hospital admissions
  • Reduce acute and chronic healthcare funding, physical, economic, social and societal costs
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Focus on wellness and health rather than illness

Membership of the CDE DMP is available to people with diabetes who are beneficiaries of 17 contracted medical aid schemes. For further information on the CDE Programme please do not hesitate to call us on 011 053-4400 or email Info@CDEDiabetes.co.za.

Looking to the future, with the backing of major shareholder, Kleoss Capital, a 100% black-owned and managed investment manager, CDE is empowered to represent and advocate for the interests and needs of multitudes of people at risk, as well as the healthcare professionals at the coalface of chronic healthcare. With the deployment of exciting new technologies and approaches to the management of diabetes and cardiovascular health risk, the CDE hopes to extend quality, cost-effective care to millions of people in both the private and public sectors. Chief Executive Officer of the CDE, Mr. Grant Newton, has extensive insight into and leadership experience in both management and healthcare. His creativity and innovation are helping to build on an established legacy and propel the CDE mandate while retaining its clinical, academic and reputational independence and integrity in its vision to provide or facilitate better diabetes care for all South Africans.

What is diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes represents a spectrum of chronic, but treatable, health conditions that cause raised glucose levels in the blood (hyperglycaemia). Long-term hyperglycaemia is toxic and associated with damage to the body and failure of various tissues and organs. Generally, diabetes occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin, a key hormone involved in the regulation of blood glucose levels, or when the body cannot make good use of the insulin it produces.

Although many specific types of diabetes exist, three main types occur commonly, type 1, type 2 and gestational (diagnosed for the first time during pregnancy) diabetes. Each type of diabetes has specific and often multiple underlying causes, and each requires an individualised approach to effective care, prevention of potential complications and the attainment of optimum wellness.

If undiagnosed, untreated or poorly managed, diabetes and its commonly associated co-morbidities and risk factors, including hypertension (raised blood pressure) and dyslipidaemia (problems with the quantities and / or qualities of the various lipids or fats found in the bloodstream), result in cardiovascular disease, premature mortality and morbidity and ballooning healthcare costs. These conditions are major drivers of a large portion of the leading underlying causes of death in South Africa.

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