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About Chilli Pepper Security Systems

Chilli Pepper Security Systems – With a passion for preventing crime the original concept was to develop systems using an aerosol canister containing Pepper Spray (Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) to be dispensed to instantly and safely deter the criminal/s or vandals with a temporary but effective incapacitant.


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The less time that a criminal has to spend in or on your premises the less damage, loss as well as down time you will suffer possibly saving your life.

The Product

Recognizing the fact that sirens, electric fences and conventional security products and barriers are no longer a deterrent, even to the novice perpetrator, Chilli Pepper developed and put in to manufacture, a range of products for various applications from the popular “Do-It-Yourself” Portable deterrent system to vehicle, domestic, commercial, industrial and special application systems. All the systems employ the pepper spray as the active ingredient to either stop or repel the perpetrators.

The electronics together with the electro-mechanical components in the product are stable and straight forward in design so as to keep reliability at a premium. The last couple of years of development have been only to enhance the product functionally and aesthetics, not re-design.

We strive to supply the right system for the right application.

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