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Moving your customers from chat to transact with one click, in one place

Today’s consumers choose chat as their preferred method of communication. This can be over text, Instagram, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. They also expect a high degree of convenience in the way they are served as well as how they purchase goods and services. Clickatell makes this possible by offering real-time customer engagement and transaction platforms that enable businesses to connect, interact, and transact with their customers via mobile chat and other digital channels. As a leading provider, Clickatell can ensure your customers can engage and transact over the same channels.

Chat is powering digital transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated the need for digital transformation, especially when it comes to enabling simpler, faster ways
for businesses to communicate with their customers. More importantly, as in-person commerce is disrupted by health restrictions, businesses understand that they must enable a frictionless way for their customers to transact – both as an immediate solution and as a way to future-proof their income.

Consumers spend 90% of their screen time on five mobile apps, and chat apps rank number one. Chat commerce turns chatting with customers into purchases. Chat commerce takes businesses’ services to where their
customers are the majority of the time – in chat apps.

Mobilesquared estimates that businesses using the WhatsApp API will grow more than 5 400% to almost 55 000 by 2024. With its large mobile-first population, Africa is perfectly poised to lead the chat commerce charge.

The benefits of chat

Unlike most other forms of communication (like in-person interactions and phone), chat is asynchronous— meaning that chat threads can be read and responded to at any time. This means that chat commercial interactions can transpire over time, allowing a consumer to
inquire, consider, and purchase goods and services when desired and without needing to redo steps in the process.

Chat commerce is also incredibly secure. Through the linking of the chat app to a user’s mobile device through a unique number and a verification process, security breaches are dramatically minimised and user banking and personal information assured.

With offices in the US, Canada, South Africa, and Nigeria, Clickatell has 15 000 customers, ranging from Fortune 500 organisations to well-known consumer brands and small businesses. Clickatell connects businesses to
6 billion mobile phone users in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide and is perfectly positioned to help your organisation take the leap into the world of chat commerce and all that it offers.

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