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Code College was founded in 2004 by Arnold Graaff as the training arm of Compuways IT Consulting and Recruitment (also founded in 1990 by him). He has over 30 years experience in the IT industry and has a BSc Hons Degree and worked as a software developer, consultant, recruiter, lecturer and manager throughout his career.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS are in demand. They have always been, and will always be, in demand all over the world. The main reason is that of the competitive nature of the business. Companies rely on software to streamline their business processes, to connect with, and bond with their customers. Software systems always need to adapt to incorporate the latest technology and customer requirements.

SHORT COURSES cover the most in-demand skills that are required by most software projects in the corporate world and run over 5 days. The main languages covered are Java, JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python SQL as well as NoSQL databases.

CODING BOOTCAMPS are training programmes aimed at equipping students with the necessary skills to meet the most current demands in terms of software skills required by industry (also called the skills gap). A Coding Bootcamp is a short-cut into the coding industry by focusing the training programme on the most in-demand skills.

THE KNOWLEDGE BASE is aligned with international syllabi and tested with international exams where applicable, like the Oracle Certified Java Associate and – Programmer.

PRACTICAL SKILLS are prioritised in all our courses. A Coding Bootcamp runs over a 6 month period, covering the same short-courses that are in demand in the corporate world, augmented with practical assignments and projects to apply all the knowledge that is being taught in the program.

FULL-STACK means both back-end and front-end development. The following languages/tools are covered in our Java Bootcamp: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java up to OCP level, SQL, Node.Js, Express, Spring Framework MVC, -Security, -Boot, -Data, -REST API, JHipster, Angular. Due to the prominence of the internet and mobile devices, the front-end needs to cater to these.

TRENDS in software employment are incorporated in our programme:

  • Generalisation rather than specialisation: The whole concept of full-stack is an example of generalisation over specialisation. Although the specialised focus in Java is at the back-end Javascript frameworks which are an independent technology is used for the front-end.
  • Collaboration skills: No matter how highly qualified the employee is academically, if he cannot share and contribute to the team, his value diminishes. We teach students to build their portfolio and get involved in open-source projects on GitHub.
  • Creative, solutionist thinking at the lowest level: Employers prefer employees who do not wait for work tasks to be assigned to them, but rather come forward with ideas and solutions by themselves.

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