About ContinuitySA

ContinuitySA deals with business continuity and works closely with clients to help them look beyond disaster recovery to build resilience into the way they operate.

Our team of trained business continuity management professionals help clients identify and prioritise the contingency risks they face, and put suitable plans in place. It encompasses every facet of the operations,
including natural disasters, industrial action, pandemics, and ICT failure. By implementing a business continuity management framework, we help clients strengthen their operations to make the risk of a failure less likely, and to ensure that strategies are in place should any disaster occur.

Additionally we focus on helping clients ensure their business continuity plans are regularly updated and tested.

ContinuitySA offers a team of advisory experts in Business Continuity Management, including some of the company’s leading practitioners. We are a member of the Business Continuity Institute, and our
solutions integrate global best practice as embodied in its Good Practice Guidelines as well as international standards like ISO22301.

Our professional services include:
• Continuity risk assessments
• Business impact analysis
• Business continuity strategy
• Business continuity plans
• Crisis management plans
• Emergency response plans
• Business continuity management training courses

We operate the largest recovery facilities in Southern Africa, with over 25000m2 of facilities in Gauteng, Cape Town, Botswana, Mozambique and Mauritius.These facilities offer clients a complete recovery capability including:
• ICT, including large-scale systems, wide and local-area networks
• Work areas, including support areas, offices and conference facilities, call centres
• Voice communications
• Call / contact centre recovery

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