CONTRACT is a Cape Town & Johannesburg based people and change consultancy delivering projects across South Africa and internationally. Our mission is to inspire a humane economy in all that we do.

Services/Products we offer

We co-create tailored services that strengthen leadership capability and develop workplaces that are positive, constructive and engaging places to work for everyone. In our experience this drives high-performing, sustainable organisations that grow and flourish.

Research suggests that ineffective leadership and low engagement are the biggest barriers to performance and sustainability for organisations. Low engagement leads to high staff turnover, low commitment and poor morale, and ineffective leadership really does contribute to this. And the figures are startling; a recent Gallup survey shows that global employee engagement is only 15%.

These are the core two issues that we solve for clients; but we approach them in a variety of ways using a range of different tools and processes. Some are more obvious and direct such as coaching leaders through specific issues or using our systemic skills when supporting organisations on culture change projects.

As organisations have got more complex, are changing quicker, and need to get results fast we find that teams are less static and membership changes frequently. We provide team development processes to get them up to speed quickly, develop strategic plans and work through conflict, communication or other interpersonal issues.

And of course we strengthen leadership pipelines for organisations through our leadership development processes. In these we create tailored solutions using a blend of tried and tested tools, personality profiling, simulations and peer group sessions. Our Leadership Development System is the framework we use to pinpoint the right focus areas for client’s businesses, creating the necessary components by looking through three lenses – leading yourself, leading others and leading a system.

Contact Details

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