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Enabling a high-speed digital world where innovation and meaningful connections prosper

As a provider of premium, wholesale fibre connectivity, DFA is an enabler of the digital world. DFA’s entry into the telecommunications infrastructure sector in 2007 opened up the market, making it possible for both large and smaller players to offer fibre-based connectivity to their customers using DFA’s infrastructure.

DFA provides its services equally to telecommunications operators, Internet service providers, media conglomerates, tertiary-education institutions, municipalities, government organizations, and other businesses.

DFA’s tailor-made solutions enable its clients to use its extensive network of fibre infrastructure based on their specific needs – without the sizable capital and operational investment that would typically be involved in rolling out their own networks – while providing them with the added benefit of scalability and greater speed-to-market.

DFA’s strength lies in its scale, and in 2020 DFA had installed over 14,000 km of both long-haul and metro fibre infrastructure which it maintains at an impressive uptime rate of 99.98%. DFA’s goal is to help make high-quality connectivity the industry standard, thus allowing its customers to focus on differentiating themselves on the services they offer to their end customers.

DFA believes that the achievement of its greater vision lies in continuing to help shape the country’s telecommunications sector. DFA is involved in several initiatives that are aimed at promoting better and faster access to connectivity, supporting the development of ICT skills and fostering inclusive participation in the sector.

DFA has several offices located in Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. This includes a twenty-four-hour state-of-the-art network operations centre in Rivonia from which it ensures that its network remains up and running round the clock.



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No 96 Koranna Avenue, Doringkloof, Centurion, 0157

Tel.: +27 (0)12 443 1000

Website: www.dfafrica.co.za


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