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About Debt Rescue

Established in 2008, Debt Rescue is one of the biggest debt counselling companies in South Africa. We pride ourselves on our relationships with key industry stakeholders to provide holistic debt management solutions that has helped thousands of people get out of debt. Essentially, we help South Africans repay their debts in smaller instalments over longer periods of time by working with creditors to reschedule repayments of outstanding loans.

Our Services Include The Following:

  • Debt Counselling
  • Sequestrations
  • Credit Life Insurance
  • Short Term Insurance
  • Corporate events where we partner with companies to provide debt management education and offer debt management services to their employees

We are dedicated to providing our clients with solutions to their financial problems, even if it means we have to refer them to specialists in other fields of law where the ideal solution might lie, like debt counselling or business rescue.

We aim to help all individuals or companies who unfortunately find themselves in a financial predicament that seems insurmountable. Voluntary sequestration or liquidation can be the end of your financial woes and the beginning of a fresh financial start in life.

We also do applications for rehabilitation orders which brings an end to your sequestration and consequently discharges you of all your debts prior to sequestration.

We have a professional team who is dedicated to our clients and we always strive to deliver the best service in the industry.

Contact Details

Head Office

Cnr Friedman and Monument Road, Kempton Park

Tel: +27 (0)861 123 644




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