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About Deppe Legal Consulting

Deppe Legal Consulting is a legal consulting company, specifically designed to engage with your business and guide your commercial operations through strategic legal and compliance methods, so your business is at optimal gain.

Deppe Legal Consulting is not a law firm. We create tailored solutions in consultation with your business by utilising our commercial and legal expertise, and affording you legal security without having to face the dreaded ‘what is my legal bill?’ scenario.

We are passionate about business! We take the time to engage with your business, understand your requirements and offer you legal and commercial services that are not only sustainable, but which will enable you to reach your financial goals quickly and effectively.

Our services include (but are not limited) to the following:

1. Corporate and Commercial Law:

• Company Registrations with CIPC
• Customised Memorandum of Incorporations
• Trademarks and Registration of Trademarks
• Shareholder Agreements
• Partnership Agreements
• Joint Venture Agreement
• Sale of Business Agreements
• Distribution Contracts
• Service Level Agreements
• Licensing Agreements
• Memorandum of Understanding
• Trade of Exchange Agreements
• Non-Disclosure Agreements / Confidentiality Agreements
• Cession Contracts
• Acknowledgement of Debt Agreements
• Marketing Agreements
• Mergers and Acquisition Transactions
• Board and Entity Management
• KING IV Corporate Governance and Management

2. Legal Contracts and Negotiation:

• Employment Contracts
• Commercial Contracts
• Lease Contracts
• Franchise Contracts
• Loan Contracts
• Terms and Conditions of Trade
• Website Terms and Conditions
• Mobile Application Contracts
• IT Contracts
• Privacy Policies
• Surety Agreements
• Financial Contracts

3. Governance, Risk and Compliance:

• Compliance Trainings (Anti-Trust, Anti-Money Laundering, Competition Laws etc.)
• Vendor Management (facilitates risk-based vendor selection, relationship management and compliance monitoring)
• Company Act Trainings for Directors and Board Members
• Drafting of Policies and Procedures aligned with organisations goals and corporate culture
• Board and Equity Management
• Due Diligence

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