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Powering sustainable enterprise development

Distell’s supplier and enterprise development initiatives are geared to support meaningful empowerment in the communities in which we operate, as well as the broader South African community. The outcomes based initiatives are driven by the Distell E+Scalator Programme and primarily linked to Distell’s supply chain, focused on education, technical skills, job creation and entrepreneurship.

The E+Scalator is committed to the inclusive participation of small black-owned businesses, by increasing their capabilities and capacity through tailored, collaborative initiatives.

Through supplier discovery, business development services, supply opportunity identification and off-take agreement, the E+Scalator Programme supports these identified suppliers and equips them to do business with Distell.

To further support small black-owned businesses, as well as empower them and ensure their long-term viability and success, the E+Scalator has partnered with ABSA Bank to offer access to funding. This is managed through an Enterprise Development Fund and a Supplier Development Fund, which provides zero-interest funding to qualifying small black-owned businesses within the Distell supply chain.

Funding applications are supported through a joint business case developed collaboratively by the E+Scalator and the supplier. The funding is cash-flow backed and supported by procurement off-take agreements with Distell, thereby limiting the risk of default by the supplier.

To expose suppliers to further potential business within the Distell, the E+Scalator hosts an Enterprise and Supplier Development Open Day, where existing empowered suppliers have one-on-one time with procurement category managers.

Since its inception, the E+Scalator has supported a range of small blackowned businesses to expand and create jobs. Omega Packaging is an existing Distell supplier that has benefited from the E+Scalator. Due to rapid growth, this 100% black owned small business experienced a number of challenges to its original business model. The E+Scalator project team assessed all aspects of Omega’s business and helped the company implement proactive restructuring, capacity building and turnaround strategy. A business case was developed and funding was provided, to purchase more efficient machinery. The company now operates a more streamlined business.

The E+Scalator also leverages the technology and capability of the new Distell Procurement Service Centre in order to discover and include an increased number of empowered SMMEs in procurement sourcing events, as well as dramatically streamlining the supplier on-boarding process and BEE masterdata management.

The Distell E+Scalator will continue to identify local suppliers, with the aim of increasing capabilities, as well as capacitating and providing development, and coaching, in order to grow these small businesses and support their long-term viability.

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