About Drivio

Drivio is a South African driving school franchise with facilities in Hatfield, Moreleta Park and Sandton. The school offers a unique approach to driver training by using driving simulators to give learners the opportunity to get comfortable behind the wheel, before actually driving on the road. This approach is especially helpful as it provides learners with the skills and confidence to take on the open road.

The decision to take the driving training process and turn it on its head comes from a belief in innovation and today’s technological advancements in the digital age.

Pilots have used flight simulators for decades to teach them how to respond to a multitude of scenarios whilst being in the air; why can’t the same be done for people learning to drive? Drivio has achieved this by teaching new drivers to experience and respond to potential road situations in the comfort and safety of a simulator. The school equips you for your K53 learner licence, K53 driving test and advanced driver training.

Drivio teaches millennial drivers by creating a more interactive programme, jam-packed with the latest technology, and the driver training gets its edge by:

  • Using state-of-the-art driving simulator technology
  • Making use of e-learning stations
  • Using top-class driving instructors

Drivio sets itself apart from other driving schools by giving learners the vital skills for the road before you take to the road.

View our various lesson packages and book with Drivio Driving School today!

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Contact Details

Hatfield: Shop 0001A, Protea Hotel, 1050 cnr. Burnett and
Festival Street, Hatfield, Pretoria
Tel: +27 (0)81 447 9427

Moreleta Square: Moreleta Square, Shop 17, Pretoria
Tel: +27 (0)61 411 1003

Sandton: 141 Eleventh Street, Parkmore, Sandton
Tel: +27 (0)64 756 0847

Vaal: 121 Rossini Boulevard, Vanderbijlpark
Tel: +27 (0)16 931 0633



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