About Enterpriseroom

Enterpriseroom is a transformation consultancy specialising in enterprise, supplier and social development. We strongly believe that through starting, sustaining, growing and accelerating black-owned businesses and using an innovative approach to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, we can achieve true socio-economic transformation in South Africa, in a way that positively impacts all South Africans.

We help government and corporates maximise their B-BBEE scorecards, aligned to their core business strategies. We guide and assist our clients to develop and implement high impact, sustainable transformation programmes. Our offering further extends to supply chain, skills development, and youth and community development programmes. Our practical solutions are tailored to each client’s unique requirements, making sure we align to their strategic business objectives, ensuring maximum return on social investment, while meeting stakeholder expectations and scorecard targets.

We’re passionate about transformation through entrepreneurship
At Enterpriseroom, we’re intent on contributing to inclusive and enduring economic growth for South Africa. This means accelerating small and medium-sized black-owned businesses (SMEs), while creating opportunities for youth employment as SMEs grow and expand.

Our work is designed to be SME-centric. We are demand-driven and have a thorough understanding of our clients procurement needs. Which means that when it comes to developing entrepreneurs, we can be highly targeted and industry-specific, ensuring that our entrepreneurs have the market access they need in order to grow sustainable businesses. At the same time, we partner with them on their journey, by providing individualised support through a variety of methods.

Our service offerings include:

• Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Strategy Development
• B-BBEE Advisory and Scorecard Management
• Procurement Analysis Solutions
• Programme Management
• Skills Development Analysis and Strategy
• SME Development ; Growth and Support Services
• Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting
• Economic inclusion programmes
• B-BBEE solution for Qualifying Small Enterprises

Our team has extensive experience
Across both the public and private sectors, our team has collectively over 305 years’ experience, with in-depth development, regulatory and commercial knowledge, insights and expertise in the transformation space.

Want to know who we’ve been working with? Visit our website to see our clients.

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