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EnviroServ Walks Away with Oliver Top Empowerment Award Nomination

The Oliver Top Empowerment Awards for 2018 recognised and awarded companies who have accelerated the development, sustainability, and financial independence of black-owned businesses, particularly SMEs and emerging businesses.

This year EnviroServ was proud to be nominated in two categories: Skills Development, and Enterprise and Supplier Development.

EnviroServ’s procurement team has a competitive supplier development programme and systems. Our procurement team consistently searches for new suppliers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our supply chain.

We welcome the chance to give new companies the opportunity to demonstrate their credentials and capacity to meet our high service levels. Over the last year we incorporated 89 new EME/QSE vendors into our supply chain, with benefits for all parties.

Young entrepreneurs are eager to get into business, and often need assistance in building their businesses. We nurture these suppliers to find a niche market where they have the biggest chance of success. We also assist by providing a range of payment terms depending on the situation the entrepreneur faces.

EnviroServ works to create strong new suppliers in our value chain through a dedicated team of highly trained team members who genuinely believe in the upliftment of young business entrepreneurs.

We have the support of leaders and managers in EnviroServ who are deeply committed to empowerment goals. We live our company values, including innovation, diversity, passion quality and integrity in our dealings with the suppliers in our value chain.

For further information, please contact Veronica Manana: veronica.manana@enviroserv.co.za

Please visit our website: www.enviroserv.co.za

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