About Enviroserv

EnviroServ Waste Management is the leading African waste management brand which has been in existence in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa for more than 37 years.

EnviroServ offers cost-effective solutions to complex hazardous and nonhazardous waste and chemical pollution problems. For close to 40 years, EnviroServ has successfully operated within all industries in South Africa and beyond, to become an innovative and preferred waste management supplier. Peace of mind regarding legal compliance, safe handling, transportation and management is guaranteed.

The company was established by forward thinkers with a social conscience – the kinds of people we still employ today. Whatever industry our people work in, they push for continuous improvement. In addition, through being the first – and for long periods, the only company to tackle some of the most complex waste management issues in South Africa – EnviroServ understands that sustainable waste management evolves with the needs, habits and awareness of health and environment prosperity of society.

New lifestyles, technologies, types of waste (there were no smartphones to discard 35 years ago), volumes of waste (more people eating, wearing, and using more things than ever before) legislation, and waste management thinking all create fresh challenges for achieving environmental peace of mind. We make it our purpose to capture the possibilities and vanquish the challenges to deliver environmental peace of mind for our customers and society at large.

Services we offer:

The company’s services include on-site recycling, industrial clean-ups, waste treatment and disposal. We service the automotive, chemical, oil and gas, mining, textile, transportation, paper and printing, pharmaceutical and medical, construction, manufacturing, metallurgical, food and beverage, and power generation industries. Our team of experts is passionate and focused on customers’ needs and we pride ourselves on offering peace of mind to our clients that their waste has been safely and responsibly disposed of. We have more than 2 000 employees excluding sub-contractors and our head office is in Johannesburg.

We offer tailored solutions for environmentally responsible waste management using our fleet of specialised waste transport vehicles and equipment and certified laboratories. We minimise waste to landfill, do waste recycling and on-site waste management, contaminated land and legacy stockpile management, waste collection services, tailings management, landfill management, hazardous and municipal waste services and treatment and disposal.

We offer effective, innovative and economically viable waste solutions and are focused on enhancing customer sustainability. We provide environmental peace of mind by safely disposing of hazardous waste in a manner which ensures the environment is protected.


Collaboration – because there is no single answer to the problem of waste.

Diversity – because EnviroServ fosters workplace camaraderie and a humanitarian spirit

Innovation – because there is always a better way

Integrity – for its own sake and because lives and the planet are at stake

Passion – because a clean environment is a basic human right. As innovators, we thrive on the cutting edge

Quality – because lives depend on it and society deserves it

Using these principles, our mission is to deliver innovative waste solutions that are environmentally responsible, effective, and economically viable and enhance customer sustainability.

Environmental Compliance

  • An integrated waste management company with policies, systems and procedures designed to ensure operations do not adversely impact on the environment
  • Ensuring customers’ peace of mind with a developed integrated SHEQ management system
  • Independently certified by BSI against the Environmental Management System-ISO 14001:2004.
  • Highly regulated waste management activities with operating licenses issued under strict conditions
  • Internal and more importantly, external experts ensure full compliance with environmental requirements
  • As a permit requirement, EnviroServ has created opportunities for communities around its operations to actively participate in the monitoring of its environmental performance.

EnviroServ’s position on B-BBEE and transformation

In 2017 EnviroServ shared the news that we had achieved an industry-leading Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Level 2 rating. In 2018, we’ve gone one better, notching up a Level 1 status. We made a clear commitment to do so and set robust goals which we pursued relentlessly. This achievement is more than just a status for us – it talks to our ongoing commitment to transformation in our industry and the country.

Our new B-BBEE status means that our customers will benefit from enhanced procurement recognition, as well as our status as a Black Women Owned entity. This achievement signals the successful strides we are making in our company’s transformation and empowerment journey as committed to in our transformation charter. We believe our BEE initiatives in the areas of supply chain management, skills development, employment equity enterprise and supplier development and CSI are truly transformative and changing lives.

In addition, our Level 1 status positions us as a service provider of choice for our customers, who like us, are actively seeking to do business with empowered companies. This means that our customers are now entitled to 135% BEE procurement claim of each Rand spent with us.

We will continue to work hard to maintain our new B-BBEE status and focus on areas we can improve on.

We’re very proud of our top B-BBEE status and remain committed to ongoing development, growth and commitment to transformation.

EnviroServ – your waste management provider of choice!

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