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About Erindi Private Game Reserve

Erindi Private Game Reserve is an award-winning conservation area in Namibia, representing the greatest collection of wildlife held in private hands. Erindi offers 5-star accommodation in a sustainable eco-tourism environment.

Africa’s most prestigious Private Game Reserve is now for sale, you can own this natural wonderland in one of the world’s most sought-after tourism locations.

Erindi Private Game Reserve is a privately owned conservation area, a landmark strategically located in the centre of Namibia, an unrivalled destination for those in search of a luxury safari experience.

Politically stable and prosperous, Namibia is one of the least populated countries in the world with only 2.1 million inhabitants. This translates into some of the most magnificent and dramatic wildlife habitats on Earth.

This remarkable wonderland spans 160,000 acres of pristine wilderness, characterized by golden savannah plains, dense bush with mountains, natural waterholes, grasslands and pans.

The reserve is easily accessible 220 kilometres by road north of Windhoek’s international airport and situated in a malaria-free area.

Erindi is one of the largest privately owned conservation areas in sub-saharan Africa. Erindi is TEN TIMES the size of Manhattan, TWICE the size of Malta, and the same size as Singapore.

Erindi was founded on a deep desire to protect the precious ecosystem and expand into sustainable eco-tourism. What followed was more than TWO DECADES of systematic investment into infrastructure to ensure the sustainable coexistence and interaction of humans and nature.

Erindi is characterized by the unique diversity of its vegetation, wildlife and landscapes. Biodiversity is determined by the number and variety of plant and animal species in a given area; the more species there are, the more value there is to the area. Erindi encompasses a biodiversity that is hard to match.

Rehabilitation and conservation systems instituted over the last few years have ensured the recovery and ecological balance between vegetation, herbivores and predators. Ancient rock art engravings found in numerous sites around the property have been used as a frame of reference for reintroduction of animals.

These conservation efforts in Biodiversity and Social Responsibility have been recognized and applauded. In 2015 Erindi was the proud recipient of the Southern African Wildlife Rancher of the Year award.

There are more than 10 ongoing conservation projects in place. This self-sustaining habitat provides an ecosystem in which some of the world’s most endangered species thrive. Through these efforts, we aim to elevate the awareness of each species while maintaining and protecting Erindi’s ecosystem.

The conservation specialists at Erindi are deeply rooted in the reserve, and their intimate knowledge of the unspoilt, game-rich bush is invaluable to our efforts.

In the southern part of the reserve, you will find two lucrative eco-tourism ventures. Old Traders Luxury Safari Lodge is a 51 suite, family-friendly lodge offering magnificent game viewing, well-appointed accommodation and warm hospitality. Camp Elephant services the self-catering and camping traveller, offering 15 Self-Catering Chalets and 30 Luxury Campsites.

The success of these ventures can be measured with a combined annual occupancy of 75% which translates to an incredible 56,000 bed nights per annum.

In addition to funds generated through lodge and camp accommodation, wildlife and conservation activities create the base for financial sustainability. Local and international guests are attracted to a variety of meaningful wildlife safari experiences.

Unlimited potential
Erindi is unrestricted in terms of infrastructure development. It offers opportunity for unlimited expansion of hospitality offerings in a country which is one the fastest growing global tourist destinations. Alternatively Erindi can be seen as a blank canvas to create your own private safari lifestyle.

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