Eskilz College


About Eskilz College

Timmal Holdings is a life’s work of an entrepreneur’s life journey to grow, motivate and inspire fellow entrepreneurs in Africa. In 2001, Mr. K.P. Timmal set out to offer a single service to the business owners in South Africa which was to assist them to reclaim their Skills Development Levies to train their staff and grow their organisations.

What began as a single service soon snowballed into a robust offering of compliance services. Eskilz was born and was aimed at assisting business owners to meet their compliance need in order to enjoy uninterrupted growth. Eskilz specialised in keeping their ears to the ground and soon found that in order to maintain a seamless standard of compliance and a truly holistic solution Ekilz would have to branch into training. Although Ekilz College was registered in 2012 Eskilz was conducting training since 2002. What also began as offering a select few courses soon grew to a diverse list of accredited courses due to the high demand for efficient and reliable training in Africa.

As the landscape evolved, so too did Timmal Holdings and it’s offering. With the introduction of the BEE Act, Timmal Holding’s partnered with the first black youth female owned verification agency in the country in 2007, S.A.B.E.R.A (South African Black Economic Rating Agency) to drive the vision to create an equal and fair landscape for all South Africans.

Timmal Holdings now boasts a unique strategic vision aimed to address all elements on the BBBEE Scorecard and more. What sets Timmal Holdings apart is that through 16 years of organic growth we have maintained a focus on empowering the black disabled and youth to right the wrongs of a corrupt past.

Specialising in:

  • BBBEE Aligned Accredited Training
  • Turnkey Business Compliance
  • Specialised BBBEE ConsultancBusiness Funding & GrantsEnhanced Business Incubator
  • Company Startup Solutions
  • SETA Refunds
  • Human Resources & Industrial Relations
  • Socio-Economic Development
  • Enterprise Supplier Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation