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Exxaro Resources’ purpose is “to power better lives in Africa and beyond”. The South African diversified group has mining operations in coal, iron ore, zinc and titanium dioxide spread across Europe, America and Australia. Exxaro has established itself as a global industry leader on the FTSE Russel ESG index, averaging nearly twice the points in corporate peer comparison of overall ESG rating and environmental and social metrics.

Exxaro offsets the environmental impact of mining through comprehensive programmes that se ESG guidelines for operations and a plan for the land’s eventual rehabilitation. Exxaro recognises the global threat that climate change represents and has pledge to be a catalyst for a cleaner future. In 2012, Exxaro bought a partnership stake in two wind farms in South Africa and, in 2019 took full ownership of the assets with a $105m investment.

Exxaro aspires to safeguard the planet for future generations aspires to safeguard the planet for generations to come and empower people through educational outreach. Exxaro counts its team as its greatest resource and has invested over $26m in socio-economic development initiatives designed to create communities of competitively skilled professionals.

Services/Products We Offer

Coal is our primary asset, but we have investments in other minerals and resources too. We produce power station, steam, and coking coal; gas-atomised ferrosilicon for use in dense medium separation plants; iron ore; renewable energy and zinc.

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The conneXXion, 263B, West Avenue, Die Hoewes, Centurion, 0163

Tel.: +27 (0)12 307 5000

Website: www.exxaro.com



Mzila Mthenjane

Executive Head: Stakeholder Affairs



Tsabeng Nthite

Corporate Communications Manager



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