About Fedhealth

Fedhealth Medical Scheme has over eight decades’ experience in taking care of the medical aid needs of South African families.

Run by members for members, we boast a AA- Global Credit Rating which we’ve maintained for

12 consecutive years. Add to that the fact that our reserves are well over the required 25%, and it’s clear that maintaining a healthy financial position is a priority for us – which better enables us to look after our members.

As a scheme, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and to give members more choice, flexibility and control, as well as cover for every life stage and pocket. This led us to turn the medical aid industry on its head, by introducing our exciting new flexiFED range in 2019.

Services/Products We Offer

At Fedhealth, we offer three pillars of care or option ranges, namely myFED, flexiFED and maxiFED.

Our myFED option provides affordable, entry-level cover for previously uncovered, lower-income employees who’ve never had medical aid before. It offers one free flu vaccine per beneficiary per year, unlimited visits at a contracted nominated GP as well as the myFED Baby Programme, to name a few.

Fedhealth’s new flexiFED 1, 2, 3 and 4 options have been designed to give members more choice, flexibility and control, and provide cover for every life stage – from young singles to young couples and families, and more mature families. On these options, members can decide whether or not they’d like to access their MediVault and Wallet for day-to-day medical expenses or pay a lower monthly contribution. They can also choose between 11 and 25% discount by opting to use Fedhealth GRID or Elect hospital networks for all planned procedures.

Last but not least, our maxiFED range provides more classic comprehensive cover that leaves nothing to chance, with ample in-hospital and generous day-to-day benefits. It also features a Threshold benefit, whilst members on maxima PLUS have an Out-of-Hospital Expenses Benefit (OHEB).

Visit the Fedhealth website on fedhealth.co.za for more information, or contact the Fedhealth Customer Contact Centre on 0860 002 153, and discover how Fedhealth lets you be YOU.