FlowCentric Mining Technology


About FlowCentric Mining Technology

FlowCentric Mining Technology is a South African company that delivers tailored eco-friendly dust and wastewater management solutions to the mining and construction industries across Africa and Australia. The FlowCentric Mining Technology team takes great pride in crafting tailor-made solutions that are designed to provide lasting environmental and financial benefits. This ethos is evident in the company’s approach to innovation and exploration. The team continuously explore new technologies and scientific with the goal of developing the most beneficial solutions to combat their customer’s environmental challenges.
Services/Products We Offer

  • Mechanical wastewater evaporation solutions and services
  • Dust suppression solutions and services
  • Air quality testing and management services
  • Wastewater treatment solutions and services

Contact Details

500 Makou, Monument Park X2, Pretoria, 0105, South Africa

Tel.: +27 (0)10 020 4488

Website: www.flowcentric-mining.com