Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative (GTMI)


About Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative (GTMI)

Gauteng Technical Manufacturing Initiative (GTMI) main purpose is to radically transform, modernise and re-industrialise the technical manufacturing sector with great emphasis on the empowerment of black industrialist creating employment and opportunities for growth in the township’s technical manufacturing sector, optimising efficiency through lean manufacturing techniques, mobilising industrial partners for supplier development programmes and growing the economy of South Africa by increasing productivity of the technical manufacturing sector in the Gauteng province.

GTMI is a township revitalisation platform which stresses the need to revitalise the township economy by supporting the development of township enterprises, industrial cluster development and enterprise development with specific to nascent industrial capabilities such as technical manufacturing and engineering services.

In terms of the mandate, GTMI is an intervention required to create and accelerate nascent industrial capabilities in all Gauteng townships leveraging on opportunities attached to the development of industrial sectors and infrastructure investment programme, including State-Owned Enterprises (SOE’s), and to expand its mandate accordingly.

The GTMI provides additional support serves such as:

Business development and marketing, product development, localisation and industrialisation, project management, facility management, technical advice, tooling design and support, human resource support and quality assurance. SMMEs play an important role in the transition and developing countries. SMME development emerges as a key instrument in poverty reduction efforts.

Case study

The GTMI Implements its interventions through professional technical consultants with relevant expertise and experience, such as and not limited to Tshifarho Technical Services (TTS) in pursuit of the application of Engineering Principles, Social Science, Technology and Operational Expertise, packaged to respond to certain client’s specific conditions for success.

GTMI silently maintains the values and objectives of the black industrialist which provides the cutting edge value propositions, inclusive of imperative services to a productive environment. In doing so, it endeavoured to assist Paltech in achieving the OHSAS[1] 18001/ISO[2] and 45001:2015 Certification.

Lean was a core proposal method to help eliminate wastes, processes that do not add value to valve manufacturing. Quality techniques were implemented to organize and maintain a cost-effective method for the processes of valves in Paltech, techniques such as the 5S[3] and value stream mapping.

Furthermore, the implementation of capacity model analysis and value stream mapping enables the team to understand correct costs and profitability level of each several products from the different production line, not-with-standing the end-to-end value stream process assessment to establish future areas of development.

Different valve manufacturing processes, such as Paltech double eccentric water butterfly valve, Paltech posi- flate valve, Paltech single eccentric wafer butterfly valve and more, were monitored and timed according to their processes from when they begin to order parts till the final process of delivery.

Success story

The GTMI through TTS has assisted Paltech to get a certification of standards in occupational health and safety act.85 of 1993 and regulations, improve its reputation to its customers, improve health and safety working conditions and comply to legal obligations. Visual management was implemented to control their processes, the following non-conformances were noted and improved:

  • No demarcation lines
  • No security control at the gate notifying unauthorized persons that they are prohibited
  • No COC[4] for electrical installation
  • No connection to water-hose supply for fire suppression in case of fire emergencies
  • Firefighting permits expired
  • First aid permits expired
  • Crane operators needed more training
  • Wastewater and waste rubble bin permit outstanding
  • Medical surveillance outstanding

Today Paltech has certified ISO certificate that will enable the organization to provide health and safety in workplaces by preventing work-related injury and ill health, as well as by proactively improving its OH&S[5] performance. Paltechnoloogies (Pty) Ltd is a one hundred percent South African local manufacturer of niche market high-performance valves. The valves are well established throughout South Africa and neighbouring countries in Africa.

[1] Operational health and safety
[2] International standardization of organizations
[3] sort, set, shine, standardize and sustain
[4] Certification of Compliance
[5] Occupational

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