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About Gautrain Management Agency

The Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) is a member of the Shared Value Africa Initiative and aims to make a positive contribution and impact on societal challenges.

This involves, creating value for its key stakeholders, partners and society.  Through the Gautrain Project, the GMA continues to contribute to Gauteng’s economic growth and job creation.

The Gautrain is a smart mobility project that continues to promote the Gauteng Provincial Government vision of transformation, modenisation and re-industrialization of Gauteng.  It was conceptualised as a catalyst to economic growth in Gauteng. To ensure that this was achieved, an innovative socio-economic development (SED) strategy was adopted during the procurement process of Gautrain.  An Independent Socio-Economic Monitor (ISEM) were appointed for the purpose of verifying SED achievements attained on the Project.

To-date it is evident that the Gautrain Concessionaire has exceeded its SED obligations and Gautrain has made a significant contribution to Gauteng’s economy and job creation.

The Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) policy is another important element of Gautrain’s economic growth and SED strategy.  It highlights equity participation by black persons in the Project and partner entities. It also includes the procurement of services and materials from BEE Entities sub-contracting of service delivery to BEEs and the establishment of new BEEs. The job creation strategy focuses on a commitment to progress towards economic equity. This strategy includes commitment to the employment of Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs), women, and people with disabilities as well as the participation of HDIs, women and people with disability in management positions.

Gautrain has created jobs as following:

  • 35,000 direct construction jobs during the Construction phase
    • 3,800 direct jobs for women
    • 29,900 direct jobs for Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs)
    • 20,300 direct jobs for young people
  • .10,900 direct operational jobs. Jobs created during Operational phase
    • 3000 direct jobs for women
    • 10,100 direct jobs for Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs)
    • 5,800 direct jobs for young people

The GMA has also conducted studies to measure the Gautrain impact to economic growth and job creation.  An independent Hatch economic impact study on Gautrain has concluded that, for every R10m spent on construction work, 45 jobs were supported directly via supply chain and wage spend and for every R1 spent on Gautrain, R1.72 had been added to the Gauteng economy.  The operating period has seen a significant procurement and subcontracting to Black Entities and SMMEs, with an approximate amount of R5,0 billion and R330 million respectively in Operating period up to December 2018.

The Gautrain has had significant community development programme support with R37.5 million having been committed to community organisations for 2017/2021 financial years.  The GMA has launched an diversity, inclusion and transformation programme that includes amongst others a Graduate Programme targeted at exposing young graduates in various fields to practical and applied knowledge that the GMA already has.  The Programme aims to address any gaps at entry level and gives individuals a broad experience across the different fields.

The Gautrain has also transformed commuting behavior.  Just over 98 million trips have been taken during Gautrain’s lifetime and this has resulted in a R78 contribution to the economy per trip. This benefit includes a R5 reduction in fatal accidents, R4 saving in CO2 emissions and an average of 22 minutes which saves R69. Besides transforming the way, the working class gets around, the Gautrain project has been an instrumental driver of economic growth and social development in the Gauteng province.

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