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About Genesis Medical Scheme

As one of the leading medical aid schemes in South Africa, Genesis Medical Scheme have a proud legacy of providing members with access to exceptional healthcare funding benefits at very affordable rates.

With a proud heritage spanning since 1995, Genesis Medical Scheme has an intimate and profound understanding of private healthcare in South Africa.

Genesis is rated as one of the top 5 most successful open medical schemes – as measured by the Scheme’s claims ratio, ability to pay claims, the access offered to medical facilities and the benefits provided vs contributions levied.

Our core focus is our members’ wellbeing, their healthcare, their peace of mind and how they experience our service. Our passion for delivering unparalleled client services means that every member is treated as a real person, by another real person.

Over the last 5 years, we have been at the forefront of containing the lowest contribution increases, coupled with increased benefits. This is a tribute to the sound management and administration of the Scheme. With an average annual contribution increase of only 4.7% for 2017, which is the lowest of all open medical schemes for the 5th consecutive year, Genesis members continue to save on below-inflation contribution increases.

Services / Products We Offer

In the 2017 GTC Healthcare Consulting Medical Aid Survey, which publishes an in-depth investigation into the array of medical aid plans and benefits, Genesis’ Private Choice hospital plan rated first out of 22 equivalent hospital plan options in the “Core – No Network” category for hospital plans.

Medical aid cover for adults starts from as little as R1 000 per month, while child beneficiaries are covered for only R325 / R365 per month.

All Genesis members, irrespective their chosen benefit option, enjoy rich basic, as well as some enhanced dentistry benefits, up to the value of R25 000 per beneficiary per annum. Dentistry benefits are covered from members’ risk benefits, meaning that members don’t have to pay for their basket of available dental benefits from their medical savings accounts, or their own pockets.

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