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The world doesn’t need another brand. A brand is what they say behind your back.

We create, refresh and invigorate brands. We believe that original, conceptual and inspiring ideas, which are well executed and relevant in culture, will always create value. What the world needs are brands that really mean something

At Grid, we talk about playing in culture. When a client competes in culture it means they’re no longer playing in a sector like financial services or telecommunications, they’re competing with everyone and everything across categories.

People don’t divide their attention by sector and we need to make the consumer’s experience of brands effortless, cutting through the clutter, creating a category of one.

Our world has become more multi-faceted in connectivity and People want deeper relationships.

#MakeItMeanSomething is Grid’s philosophy that is the backbone of our ethos. We recognise what draws consumers to great brands with, the consumer takeout being that it must inform me, entertain me, inspire me and make it beautiful.

We call this, Disruption® for Brand.

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1st Floor, Illovo Muse, 198 Oxford Road, Illovo, Johannesburg, South Africa, 2196

Tel: + 27 (0)11 502 4600