Honeycomb BEE Ratings


About Honeycomb BEE Ratings

Honeycomb BEE Ratings is an independent, nationally based, SANAS accredited Verification Agency that conducts professional and impartial verifications of all enterprises, countrywide. We are equipped with qualified and efficient directors and staff who are highly trained in the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice to ensure professional and impartial verifications.

The Team at Honeycomb is confident that we will be able to offer diverse company’s solutions to all their BBBEE requirements and be issued with an efficient B-BBEE Verification process, resulting in a B-BBEE Certificate reflective of the transformation within their organisation.

Services/Products We Offer

The service we offer is valuable to all our clients as it allows our clients to focus on their core business while utilising our expertise in these areas through continued support and sustainable initiatives. We conduct On-Site or Remote Document Verifications, the result of this process is a B-BBEE Verification Certificate issued by Honeycomb that can then also be used by the measured entity when tendering for government business or other procurement purposes. Another service we offer is a Pre-rating Assessment, the result of this exercise is a B-BBEE scorecard, indicating the points received for each element as well as the B-BBEE contribution status.

The directors and staff at Honeycomb are highly qualified in complex Ownership Structures and can offer an Ownership Assessment, Ownership Verification, as well as opinions on current or future transactions to ensure compliance for all companies, including Public Companies.

We are not only committed to the business activities of our enterprise, but we are also passionate about the success of our country. We aim to empower and uplift the people of South Africa through our social-responsibility initiatives, which could not be possible without the love and dedication of our Director, Deirdre Mitchell, and the Honeycomb staff.