IBA South Africa


About IBA South Africa

IBA South Africa is a part of IBA Group, an alliance of IT companies with permanent presence in 11 countries. IBA South Africa was established in 2013 in Johannesburg, Gauteng to bring IBA Group’s services to South African customers. One of the largest IT service providers in Eastern Europe, IBA Group has a history that spans 25 years. It was created as a joint venture with IBM and eventually became an independent software developer. We maintain good relations with IBM and our customer base includes large-scale companies, including Goodyear, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Rockwell Automation, and Hapag-Lloyd.

IBA Group serves customers in more than 40 countries across diverse markets and industries, including banking, transport, telecommunications, manufacturing, and public sectors. IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Red Hat, and other IT leaders appointed IBA as their business partner. Our focus is on mainframe systems, enterprise and web applications, and SAP solutions. We also embrace new technologies, such as cloud, analytics, enterprise mobility, social media, security, Internet of Things (IoT), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

IBA South Africa is uniquely positioned to assist South African companies in solving their IT and other business problems. We provide software development and software maintenance services, combining onshore, near-shore, and offshore delivery models. The ultimate goal of IBA South Africa is to deliver high quality and innovative solutions and services that offer the best value to our customers. Our attrition rate is low, enabling us to keep the expertise within company. We have a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and tools and therefore can offer you the most appropriate solution from an architectural and technical perspective. We have western mentality and are in the same time zone with South Africa. We welcome new clients to visit us, to find out more about what we can do for them, and eventually to turn into our partners.