About Interwaste

Interwaste prides itself in being the leading waste management company operating in Southern Africa. As an innovative business with a long track record of service delivery and technological excellence in the waste management space, they aim to tailor waste management solutions, to suit a company’s specific waste needs and ensure high levels of compliance at all times.

As a business they are equipped with passion and driven by the determination to realise their vision of leading in the sustainable preservation of the environment by consistently innovating and creating winning solutions for various waste problems.

Interwaste has developed an Integrated Waste Management Model closely aligned to the waste hierarchy, prioritising waste handling methodologies to reduce waste volumes to landfill facilities. By leveraging their integrated service offering and diverse range of skills and capabilities across the business, they assist their clients in meeting their sustainability goals by understanding their strategies and waste streams.

Not all waste management solutions suit all waste streams. Therefore, it is essential to understand each waste stream, analyse and classify them to assist in selecting the most appropriate solution to either re-use, recycle, recover, treat or safely dispose of each stream.

In line with global trends, the Interwaste team strives towards the principle of zero waste to landfill and driving circular economy thinking to market. To achieve this, integrated teams of specialists continuously research, design and refine innovative yet practical, time and cost-efficient, compliant waste management processes.

Interwaste has a wide range of clients from the manufacturing, mining, raw materials, energy industries, mass-market, pharmaceuticals, and retail sales segments. Today, Interwaste’s ambition is to be a leader in sustainable development and environmental protection.

Contact Details

2 Brammer Street, Industries East, Germiston South, Gauteng

Customer care: +27 (0)11 323 7300

Sales enquiries: 087 803 0909