About Jamsco

I started in the Incubation Centre at the AIDC in Pretoria and successfully graduated to the Assembly line at Ford Motor Company in Silverton . As a Black Women-owned company, my main focus is to develop, educate and acquaint myself with the tough world of the Motor Industry so that I can be in a position to not an only mentor but be a pioneer for future entrepreneurs that might have an aversion to this very tough industry.

With diversifying , the intention is to establish a competent stamping facility that can not only supply to the OEM`s but also provide employment over a period of time and encourage other budding back businesses to replicate the idea and putting bread on the table for more hungry people and possibly reduce the employment deficit , even if it’s only a fraction and hope the trend will continue .

Contact Details

Unit 13 Crocker Industrial Park, Cnr Crocker and Peddie Streets, Wadeville, Gauteng, 1428

Tel.: +27 (0)81 011 6208 | +27 (0)82 745 3239

Website: www.jamscoauto.co.za