Joburg Property Company


About Joburg Property Company

Turning the Inner City into a construction site.

Calling all developers, entrepreneurs and innovators.

The City of Johannesburg Council has released 84 properties for developement and has now added more to turn the Inner City into a construction site and grow the economy by at least 5%.

Show us how you will convert disused buildings into high-quality offices, retail spaces, low-cost housing and student accommodation.

In return, the City offers rates and tax breaks, staggered discount rental and other incentives. And we also guarantee to fast-track town planning issues.

Buildings are available on long-term lease agreements, with the option to purchase.

Contact Details

Head office

1st Floor, Forum 2, Braam Park, 33 Hoofd Street, Braamfontein

Tel.: +27 (0)10 219 9000

Fax: +27 (0)10 219 9400



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