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Joxicraft To See The Northern Cape Turn Into The Next Silicon Valley

Joxicraft is a high-tech tele-communications / internet service provider with a 4-year outstanding track record. We provide data, telephony, tech support, network cabling and hardware solutions to government departments and business.

Established in 2014, Joxicraft, a high-tech telecommunications and internet service provider with a 4-year outstanding track record and an impressive client base to date, owned by Sabata Mereeotlhe, a young black ICT specialist who is deeply rooted within Christ.

IT business in the Northern Cape at the inception of Joxicraft in Kimberley, was more about ‘dropping boxes’ to government. There was a great need for integrated IT solutions and that’s where Joxicraft realized a niche in the market.

This lack positioned and set Joxicraft apart, Joxicraft entered the market offering telephony and internet services as a primary focus in addition to offering technical support, network cabling and hardware solutions to government departments, business, households and individuals as well.

Joxicraft currently offers its services and products to big corporate names and has managed to secure many partnership agreements with leading National IT Companies.

With a turnover of R6 million since its inception and an annual revenue growth of nearly 100% since 2014, its clear that Joxicraft is doing something right. The beginning of 2018 has seen Joxicraft taking on the decision to focus on the below-the-line market with its ‘black-market’ consumer behavior and cost-effective internet product offers specifically for SME/SMME and Government.

Joxicraft consists of a great working team of 9, these are young diverse, skilled and efficient individuals with innovative minds and are passionately and aggressively pursuing the industry. “Ultimately our vision at Joxicraft is to see the Northern Cape turn into the next Silicon Valley.

Pursuing the business side of IT has been a stretching journey, it is never easy pursuing your dream. Every day is a challenge in business, every day is an opportunity for a solution. What I have thus learned in these four years is to allow for a free flow of thinking and create an enabling atmosphere and culture in the office and that’s what makes Joxicraft different from the rest”.

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31 Halkett Street, New Park, Kimberly

Tel: +27 53 010 1113




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