Just Retirement Life


About Just Retirement Life

Just is a specialist annuity provider, perfectly placed to help retirement funds meet the March 2019 deadline of implementing a default annuity strategy. We rethink retirement, offering a wide and innovative range of retirement income options that give a guaranteed income for life, providing retirees with financial certainty and protection from outliving their assets.

Who we are

Just is part of Just Group plc, a UK-listed company with a strong international scale credit rating of A. Just Group is a similar size to the top five listed SA life insurers and has a proven track record of enhancing retirement income for over 500 000 customers worldwide.

Just Group entered South Africa in 2014 in partnership with a highly experienced local management team known for their groundbreaking achievements. This local experience combined with global research has placed Just at the forefront of innovative retirement income solutions in South Africa. The team designed and launched the world’s first guaranteed income product that uniquely offers optional underwriting and that links annual increases to the performance of specialist asset managers.

The optional underwriting is based on the client’s health and lifestyle factors and provides higher income to those who are of poorer health or financial means. After underwriting, 40% of our clients receive up to 30% higher income.

Products we offer

We offer the Just Lifetime Income (JuLI), a guaranteed annuity which is designed for anyone at retirement, or anyone up to age 85 if they are currently in a living annuity, who needs a guaranteed level of income to pay recurring monthly expenses such as rent, groceries, water and electricity, health care, transport and insurance.

From JuLI the investor receives a lifetime income that will never reduce, regardless of how long they live or what happens to investment markets. The lifetime income is increased each year at a rate that targets inflation. The increase is linked to the returns of leading South African asset managers and is smoothed to even out market fluctuations.

In a revolutionary move, we created a solution in which retirees can benefit from both living and guaranteed annuities. We believe that it is no longer a choice of either/or. Our solution presents an innovative way in which to combine the best features of both retirement options to help investors cover their basic living expenses while still having flexibility with their discretionary income.

We look forward to helping investors secure the retirement income they deserve.