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Liberty Two Degrees (L2D) a South African precinct focused, retail-centred REIT which co-owns a quality iconic portfolio of South African assets, including Sandton City, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Nelson Mandela Square and Midlands Mall among others. To create sustainable value for our stakeholders, we continuously improve the quality of our assets, introducing innovative and unique experiences that attract tenants, customers and visitors to our spaces.

Our operating environment, much like the world we live in, is changing at a rapid pace. The impacts of COVID-19, coupled with the evolving retail environment and needs of physical property users, have only served to accelerate the rate of change. To stay relevant and ahead of competitors, we continue to drive the future proofing of our assets in a manner that speaks to the changing needs of our tenants and positions the business for sustainable operations and future growth.

Our business model is focused on achieving positive outcomes that support and drive the realisation of our vision which is to be the leading South African precinct-focused, retail-centred REIT and our purpose which is to continue to create experiential spaces to benefit generations.

For L2D, value is inherently tied to our purpose. This benefit goes beyond the in-the-moment experience we wish to create. We want to produce lasting impressions tied to an enduring legacy of positive impact – The Good We Do. Consequently, value creation for L2D means delivering a world-class Customer Experience and a positive Tenant Experience, together with a leading Human Experience, while ensuring proactive, responsive Capital and Risk Management. This is how we create positive Financial Outcomes. All these definitions of value collectively culminate in The Good We Do – the enduring, broader value we generate for all our stakeholders.

We remain committed to ethical leadership, corporate citizenship, integrated strategic thinking and legitimate stakeholder interaction. Our investment in ESG elements has enabled L2D to create shared value for the long-term, contributing to relative out-performance in critical areas of ESG.

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Liberty Two Degrees, 3rd floor, West Office Block, Nelson Mandela Square, corner of Maude and 5th Streets, Sandton, 2196

Tel. Number: +27 (0)11 358 9145


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