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About Livewell Villages

Livewell Villages is a luxury dementia care facility with residences in Somerset West and Johannesburg. We combine specialised care with a luxurious environment and adhere to regularly monitored global best practices.

Since 2011, the Livewell Group has been at the forefront of dementia and Alzheimer’s care in South Africa. We are motivated by a personal and heartfelt concern for the dignity and care of our elders and our efforts continue to be encouraged by the strong market need for specialised individual care.

Our internationally recognised Livewell Villages (Best Retirement Development Africa and South Africa 2013/2014) are purpose-built memory-care communities that have been designed with the health, dignity and well-being of a person living with dementia in mind. With our Villages conveniently located in Somerset West and Bryanston, Livewell provides outstanding residential memory-care to families across Southern Africa. At our Villages, residents benefit from a tranquil personal space as well as a shared space with a sense of belonging. They enjoy luxury suites, the attention of Livewell companions, and specialised 24-hour care. Residents are welcome to personalise their rooms with their own belongings, furniture and pictures.

Inspired by the harmony of a typical country village and shaped by extensive research of dementia, Livewell Villages offer a safe place where everyone feels included, can remain independent for longer, and can enjoy a sense of choice and control over their lives.

Our secure and genteel Villages welcome live-in spouses, encourage freedom of movement both outdoors and indoors and are pet-friendly. Activities are tailored to the individual and focus on creative, cognitive and sensory stimulation. Our specialist team looks after every need, from nutrition to excursions. Livewell provides ongoing training to our carers, to ensure that they provide consistently excellent care to your family. Our memory-care focus allows us to integrate our world-class multi-disciplinary team of care providers, including: nutritionists, occupational therapists, nurses, companions and even in-house hair stylists.

The Livewell family is focused on providing a bouquet of care services that underpin excellence in quality of life, personal care and activities to our residents. Activities are tailored to the individual and focus on creative, cognitive and sensory stimulation. On admission, each resident and their family is interviewed by our occupational therapist to develop their personal activities programme. Each individual’s history and needs around their work life, self-care, leisure and rest are evaluated and incorporated into their timetable. Our companions are specially trained individuals who assist your family member with these activities. They form friendships woven around best-loved activities and are an indispensable part of providing skilled care and warmth for the daily life of our residents. Our specialist team looks after every need, from nutrition to excursions.

Our specialised services:

• Permanent residence
• Couples residence
• Frail care
• Support groups
• Companionship
• Occupational therapy
• Palliative care
• Pet therapy
• Personal grooming
• Day care
• Sensory stimulation
• Workshops

The tranquil gardens of the Livewell Villages and our spacious and sunny living rooms, provide the perfect platform for our diverse and stimulating activities programme. Livewell is very strict about our no restriction of movement policy. We want our residents to feel as if this is their home, and they are free to move around as they please. This however does not mean that they are not supervised. Our lovely companions are always available to accompany residents, especially on those afternoon strolls through the garden.

Our programmes ensure a memory-care focused lifestyle by actively engaging with the individual needs of our residents and addressing their unique requirements. With a range of over 30 activities, Livewell offers a variety of choices to the individual:

• Arts and crafts
• Sport and exercise
• Yoga
• Baking
• Musical experiences
• Drumming
• Excursions to local landmarks
• Gardening
• Croquet
• Bowling
• Woodwork and electrical
• Games
• Golf

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