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About Lyceum College

With a legacy that spans over 101 years, and an alumni base of over 800 000 students, Lyceum Higher Education Distance Learning College is the yardstick for personal and professional success.

Since its founding in 1971, Lyceum has been hailed for its quality-curated programmes and highly successful alumni, empowering and enriching the lives of South Africans every day.

‘Lyceum’, derived from the ancient Greek practice of scholars meeting for public debate and discussion, is the perfect metaphor for our institution, as we provide platforms for the leaders of tomorrow to engage, interact and grow.

With our quality, uniquely ‘niche’ programme offerings, our unrivalled student-centric innovations and our professional Academic Advising Centre, you are guaranteed to find your perfect programme choice from our four faculties (Education, Commerce & Law, Safety & Criminal Justice, Fleet & Operations).

Join the Lyceum Legacy today and fulfil your career potential.   |   0860 100 705

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Contact Details

1st Floor, Success House, cnr Smit & Melle Streets, Braamfontein

Head Office: +27 (0)11 712 2000
Student enrolment: 0860 100 705