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About MaRu Management Consulting

MaRu Management Consulting (Pty) Ltd has a strong government and private sector experience, our main key services are on Assurance Services; Internal Audit; Forensic & Risks Managment; Business Management; Strategy Development and Implementation; Forensics and Information Technology, and more importantly, we are committed to adding value and sustainable development to our clients within our area of expertise. Our team consists of competent and experienced personnel with the requisite skills, knowledge and capacity to provide you with tailor made quality professional services. We take the business to our clients with the seriousness it deserves, and we regard them as partners. As professional advisors, we strive for results not activity.

  • 100% Black Owned Professional Firm – Level 1 EME
  • 51% Black Woman Youth Owned
  • 95% Full-time Employed Black Youth
  • 70% of our office are township, rural based (Eastern Cape, Western Cap, KZN and Gauteng)
  • We have diverse skills, Financial Experts, Forensics Consultants and Energy Experts
  • We are very much committed in Social Economic Development


We strive to ensure we provide a best value for money on our professional services, it is with this premise that our operational business units are structured as follows:

Internal Audit & Risk Management Services

  • Internal Control Assurance
  • Probity Services
  • Risk Management

Enterprise Management Services

  • Annual Financial Statement Reporting
  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Tax Submission
  • Secretarial Services

Assets Management

  • Asset Planning
  • Asset Finance Management
  • Asset Care Services

Resource Planning & Project Management

  • Personnel Resource Secondment
  • Project Management
  • Project Facilitation
  • Training and Development



We always have to be reliable to our clients, from our level of knowledge and insights through to our ability to deliver on time and exceed expectations. Our brand promise is delivered across all levels to promote reliability to our brand.


We are always responsible for our clients’ needs as this is a viewed as the core of our client service. We understand the client’s brief and the intended impact of our service. We are agile and capable of responding to  unanticipated circumstances, additional client needs, or tighter deadlines.


We provide assurance in what we say, in what we do, and in the opinion we provide.


Our people are trained to provide tangibles to ensure that all they bring to the client’s attention proven facts supported by tangible results.


We are always empathetic to our client’s needs and are able to provide impact where it is intended the most and within the expected time.


Local Government | State Owned Entities | Rail Industry | Electricity | Education | Manufacturing | Information Technology | Transportation | Housing | Development Corporations | Business Trusts | Charitable Institutions, Churches and NGO | SMME’s

Contact Details

OUR OFFICES: Cape Town – Western Cape | Germiston – Gauteng | Matatiele – Eastern Cape | Umzimkhuli – KwaZulu Natal

Tel.: 087 148 9565



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