Maurice Kerrigan Africa


About Maurice Kerrigan Africa

Maurice Kerrigan Africa is the first-choice provider of training and development courses customised to any hard-working professional with limited time on their hands.

What we do

Our company name is synonymous with delivering the highest level of quality and service excellence through the provision of unique and practical learning and development solutions. Wherever appropriate and possible, we integrate our learning and development interventions with your organisational strategy, operational systems, and supportive technologies. Our proven, strategically integrated and measurable learning processes build greater sustainable competitive advantage than the more traditional, fragmented approach to learning. Through tailored interventions, we help you harness, focus and leverage the full potential of your human capital.

In this competitive world of work, engaging and energising employee commitment towards achieving organisational goals requires an expanded outlook beyond just strategy, structure and systems. What is needed is a simultaneous but integrated focus on organisational purpose and supportive staff competencies that not only get the work done but get it done in an empowering, innovative way.

Diverse performance challenges exist at all levels and across all parts of an organisation. Successfully addressing these challenges requires a holistic, integrated yet flexible approach that can draw on modular products and services architecture. Maurice Kerrigan Africa is unique in that we have developed such an integrated architecture and implementation framework. This affords us the benefit of being able to design processes that are tailored to meet your specific needs without forfeiting the valuable knowledge and experience we have gained over many years of application.

Specialising in Leadership and Management, Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence and Communication training, our 2- to 3-day practical courses are SETA accredited. We also offer in-house training and development courses with the goal of providing you with convenient, tailored solutions.

Please contact us for a discussion on your skills development needs.