About Meerkat

Meerkat is the brainchild of David O’Brien. Having spent over 25 years in large financial services corporate he became frustrated at the low savings rate in South Africa. He set out to develop simple, accessible, financial solutions that could help South Africans regain financial control.

We are a 90% black-owned company (Level 2 QSE) and the leadership team has over 100 years of combined experience.  We are an authorised financial services provider (FSP 46535) and David is a registered debt counsellor (NCRDC2613).

We are focussed on changing lives and see it as our responsibility to improve the financial situation for many South Africans who previously have not had access to traditional financial services.

Meerkat is the preferred debt counselling partner for Alexander Forbes, and recently won The Digital Insurer Global Livefest 2018, African insurance innovation award.

Solutions We Offer

We offer a confidential debt counselling service to over-indebted consumers. Over 8 million South Africans are struggling to pay their loans and accounts. This is the root cause of the low savings rate in South Africa and has a direct impact on the economy.  We offer a worksite model for Corporates who have identified fraud and poor productivity in their business as a result of employee debt.

Our credit life insurance product aims to replace the multiple insurance policies consumers have on their loans and accounts with one, comprehensive policy at a competitive premium.  Savings can then be invested into our simple Meerkat Savings solution that has been developed to positively impact consumer behaviour and break the cycle of over-indebtedness.

We are currently working on other projects to provide access to savings to all South Africans. All our products are designed with the aim of directly impacting the national savings problem South Africa faces.

Recently developed Moku, our bot is here to help consumers to better understand their financial position. He offers a free credit report and you can chat to him about qualifying for a loan, debt counselling, and credit life insurance. He is available to chat in 6 of the 11 official languages, with more to follow soon.

Chat to us if you would like to know more

Meerkat, we’re looking out for you.