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About Metrica Consultants

Metrica Consultants is a full service corporate consulting firm in South Africa.‎ We focus our services on the areas of: Business, Corporate, Actuarial, Statistical and Data Analytics Consulting. ‎

Our Business and Corporate consulting services are capable of satisfying a wide range of requirements from small to medium business growth strategy implementation, turnaround consulting, capital raisng, asset sale, business acquisition consulting all the way to complex corporate finance transaction advisory.

Our Actuarial and Risk consulting services aim to serve  namely the legal profession and business sector, respectively. ‎ Our Actuarial Services focus on legal professions requirements in Loss of Income reports, Loss of Support reports , maintenance assessments and estate calculations. ‎We also deal with all Commercial and General Actuarial Consulting.  Our Risk Consulting services aim to put to use our expertise and experise in your business and organisation to control and mitigate risks be it in day to day operations or specific project endevours, we can guide you.

Our Statistical and Data  Consulting services is a full service statistical Consulting divisions. We focus mainly on: Market Research, Statistical Modeling, Survey and Questionnaire design‎ and Statistical analysis for Finance, Agriculture and Pharmacutical industry types. Our data consulting services aim to take your data and leverage it to give insight and understanding into the past, present and future of your business.

What We Offer

Corporate & Business Consulting

Corporate Environments oftentimes require navigation through complex commercial problems, which need expert advice. Whether it is the merging of operations or businesses, the acquisition of a business, the sales of an existing business, the implementation of a new project or financing of existing operations. Our team of experienced consultants can ensure the best decisions are taken and the project implementation is done to achieve optimal results for your business.

Furthermore Meterica Consultants has vast experience in business management and growth strategy. Implementation to increase revene for small to medium enterprises. We can guide your business to new heights with our innovative approach. Our Corporate and Business consulting services include:

  • Business Consulting
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Strategic Growth Plans
  • Corporate Consulting
  • Product and Price Advisory
  • Project Implementation
  • Corporate Finance Consulting

Statistical and Data Analytics Consulting

Statistical Analysis of business data allows a deeper understanding of the environment your business finds itself in giving deep insight into risk, operations and performance. Such analysis will allow projections about the future performance of the business to be made by way of predictive mathematical models.

Whether it is in retail environment with a client satisfaction survey or a financial instution with consumer credit analysis required to predict client credit worthiness in all cases analysed data gives deep insight into your business nd allows insight into the future. This insight can be used to reduce risk, promote revenuegrowth and increase client satisfaction.

Let us collect, organise, interpret, model and leverage your business data for your success. Our Statistical and Data Analytics services include:

  • Questionnaire and Survey Design
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Market Research Study and Implementation
  • Risk Modelling
  • Credit Risk Modelling
  • Data Analytics

Actuarial and Risk Consulting

We have specific focus on Actuarial work for the Legal Profession in terms of assessments and reports for: quantification of losses/damages, medical negligence, divorce and maintenance matters. Metrica also focuses on requirements that our clients may have.

We have a skilled Acturial team that is experienced in understanding Risk and Uncertainty for Business, Corporate and Legal applications. Our Acturial services include:

  • Loss of Income/Earnings Assessments
  • Acturial Consulting
  • Commercial Acturial Consulting
  • Product Development
  • Loss of Support Assessments
  • General Actuaturial Calculations
  • Employee Benefit Calculations

Email us at: or Call: 063 333 6498

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