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It’s evident that the last few years have been a rather challenging time for most South Africans, with the downward economic trend placing pressure on their overall purchasing power. This means that South Africans don’t have the same disposable income as what they previously had, and one of the first options they explore  to save on their monthly spend is to review or cancel their insurance policies. Healthcare cover is no exception.

What we generally find is that consumers opt to downgrade their medical scheme option, without understanding the full impact this has on the benefits they forfeit in doing so. The current medical scheme structures are rigid and prescriptive in terms of how benefits are offered, and do not provide much flexibility. As a result of this, consumers are either under insured, i.e.: they can’t afford the cover that they really need, or on the other extreme, over insured, where they are paying for benefits that they don’t really need or use. We often see this sort of wastage, where consumers could achieve better value for their money elsewhere.

At Momentum, we understand that the consumer wants flexibility to structure their medical scheme benefits to not only meet their needs, but suit their pocket too. Momentum has evolved and reimagined the healthcare industry over the years to provide innovative solutions that speak to these unique needs.

Momentum Health members are able to save up to 40% on their medical scheme contributions by making use of the Momentum provider choice model, in fact over the last few years, Momentum Health members have saved in excess of two billion Rand in contributions by making use of this provider choice model.

When the Medical Schemes Act was passed in 1998, it allowed schemes to design integrated medical savings accounts, to fund for members day-to-day medical expenses. At the time it was revolutionary, and changed the healthcare landscape. However, in time, these medical scheme savings accounts shortcomings became evident, in that members were restricted in how much they could contribute to this account as well as what they could use these funds for. Momentum saw this as an opportunity to reimagine the “medical savings account” – this is where the HealthSaver account was born. The HealthSaver account provides flexibility for members to decide how much money they require for day-to-day medical expenses and fund specifically for those expenses. It also allows them to use the finds in this account to pay for medical treatments that were not generally covered from the in-scheme medical savings account, such as cosmetic surgery.

With the HealthSaver account established, Momentum then looked at alternative ways to fund the money into this account. At Momentum we believe that living a healthy, active lifestyle should be rewarding, opening the door to another innovative solution, HealthReturns. In earning HealthReturns, Momentum Health members are able to fund their day-to-day medical expenses without it costing them anything more, just by doing the right thing, letting their activity fund their lifestyle.

The integration of these products provides a holistic, cost effective healthcare solution, which enables people from all walks of life and businesses, to achieve their unique financial goals and life aspirations.

Momentum Health members can choose to make use of additional products available from Momentum Group, a division of MMI Group Limited (Momentum), to seamlessly enhance their medical aid. These voluntary complementary products range from a world-class wellness and rewards programme, Multiply, to the innovative HealthReturns solution. These complementary products are not medical scheme benefits. Momentum is not a medical scheme, and is a separate entity to Momentum Health. You can be a member of Momentum Health without taking any of the complementary products that Momentum offers.

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