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About Momentum OCSA

Momentum OCSA is a Level 2 B-BBEE certified Integrated Workplace Health and Wellness Company. With over 22 years of expertise, we can engage and guide employers to solve their specific health requirements.

Momentum OCSA is a subsidiary of MMI Holdings Limited, a JSE-listed financial services group. MMI offers a holistic range of solution that seeks to grow business’ income statements, protect their balance sheets and enhance their sustainability.

A Wealth of Knowledge

Health and wellness solutions can be tailored to suit the specific needs of businesses, enhancing the lifetime financial wellness of people, businesses and communities.

Health and wellness go hand in hand. No matter your personal wealth, it is difficult to enjoy life if you are not in good health. Employers can focus on their business’ financial wellness while Momentum OCSA provides workplace health solutions, enhancing lifetime financial wellness and adding value to both management and their most valuable asset, their employees.

Legal compliance is key. Momentum OCSA assists employers to comply with relevant legislation, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Construction Regulations, Mine Health, and Safety Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act.

The Occupational Hygiene and Environmental department offers occupational hygiene and environmental surveys, laboratory services, and asbestos analysis, and is one of the very few Department of Labour Approved Inspection Authorities (AIA) in the market.

With Momentum OCSA Medical Surveillance there is no place too small, too remote or too distant. With nationwide, conveniently located occupational healthcare centres and a fleet of mobile units, we have you covered.

The Momentum OCSA service offering includes:

  1. Mobile and clinic-based fitness for duty medicals;
  2. On-site occupational and primary health clinics, establishing fitness for work and risk exposure clinics, treating and monitoring acute and chronic conditions;
  3. Absenteeism and productivity management, disability and incapacity consulting, as well as disease management;
  4. Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP) and wellness services;
  5. AIA offering occupational hygiene and environmental surveys, laboratory services, health risk assessments, and asbestos analysis;
  6. Standard operating procedure and policy development; and
  7. Executive health – comprehensive examinations evaluating the physical, medical and psychological status.

Contact Details

Meersig Building, 269 West Avenue, Centurion

Tel.: +27 (0)11 791 1602

Fax: +27 (0)11 803 8305



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