About NBI

At the National Business Initiative (NBI), we believe in collective action and collaboration to effect change; building a South African society and economy that is inclusive, resilient, sustainable and based on trust.

We are an independent, business movement of around 80 of South Africa’s largest companies and institutions committed to the vision of a thriving country and society.

The NBI works with our members to enhance their capacity for change, leverage the power of our collective, build trust in the role of business in society, enable action by business to transform society and create investment opportunities.

The NBI is for the committed.

Join us now in building South Africa’s tomorrow.

The NBI works in five focal areas where we effect change through collective action and collaboration:

  • Economic Inclusion (skills and employability, township economies, education and youth)
  • Social Cohesion and Equality (gender, race and intergenerational equity)
  • Institutional Capacity (governance and capacity building)
  • Environment (climate, water, energy, green economy, biodiversity and Just Transition Pathways)
  • Bold and Ambitious Leadership (cross-cutting and including anti-corruption, transformation and ethics)

The NBI’s purpose is to effect change in the areas of Economic Inclusion, Social Transformation, Environmental Sustainability and Institutional Capacity.


We work to understand the systemic barriers to driving economic inclusion and co-create interventions that enable change, including through ethical leadership, towards ensuring a sustainable and thriving South Africa.


We encourage bold, action-orientated dialogue about meaningful transformation in the workplace, including tackling corruption, while co-creating initiatives to achieve an inclusive and transformed workforce so that businesses can be a valuable contributor to the economy, ensuring a cohesive and equitable South Africa.


We empower business leaders so that they can make sense of the net effect of global environmental drivers on their businesses. This enables them to take decisions now that will help them ensure their business remains relevant in the future.


We offer a cross-cutting function that contributes to the service delivery mandate of Government in support of creating conducive environments in which business and society can operate effectively.


South Africa continues to face major challenges underpinned by the fact that we are the most unequal society in the world, with more than half of our population living in poverty, accompanied by escalating unemployment levels. Additionally, climate change threatens to further exacerbate these pressing economic and social issues. We help business to understanding this complexity and particularly why this is important for business, so that companies can develop long-term strategies in a changing world, and meaningfully contribute to transforming our society.

The NBI’s KEY Strengths:

  1. Facilitating and driving collaboration and collective action
  2. Bridge-building between stakeholders due to our trusted status in society
  3. Project implementation and impact
  4. Convening power of various stakeholders
  5. Driving cross-cutting and integrated programmes (systems awareness & thinking)
  6. Strong Government relationships
  7. Just Transition as a uniting force
  8. Leadership impetus and action

Business is faced with challenges related to its own transformation agenda that demand answers to the way its practices address societal issues. Operating in South Africa, as well as in other emerging economies, means confronting issues such as inequality, poverty, skills development, supply chain support, SME development, gender issues, and establishing a robust human rights culture in companies and in their relationships with stakeholders. In essence, the overarching issue is how companies can support inclusive economic transformation.

Why JOIN the NBI?

  1. We focus on impact driven action in our FIVE focal areas
  2. We combine vision with action to address the MOST pressing issues facing South Africa
  3. We are a trusted IMPLEMENTATION partner of both the private and public sector
  4. We BUILD trust in the role of business in society through action
  5. We DRIVE social transformation by placing the role of society at the centre of our work
  6. We DEMONSTRATE the sound business case for a just, equitable and environmentally sustainable society
  7. We FACILITATE bold and courageous discussions pertaining to pressing issues in South Africa

Contact Details

Address: 5th Floor, 61 Katherine Street, Dennehof, Sandton, 2196

Postal Address: P O Box 294, Auckland Park, 2006, South Africa

Tel. Number: +27 (0)11 544 6000 

Fax Number: +27 (0)11 484 2754

Website: www.nbi.org.za