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Oxyon is an industry trusted provider of exceptional staffing solutions. Our combination of staffing expertise, search skills, and flexible service provision helps us deliver the solutions essential for our clients’ unique business strategies and human capital needs.

Achieving the promise of South Africa’s green hydrogen economy will depend on a highly-specialised workforce

With the world looking to countries that have optimal renewable energy resources to provide clean energy of the future, South Africa has the opportunity to revolutionise its economy and supply green hydrogen to the world. Growth in the hydrogen sector will result in a significant number of new job opportunities for which new skills, training programmes and qualification assessments will be required. Ensuring an adequate supply of trained and competent individuals for such a rapidly growing sector will become a priority as the hydrogen energy sector grows and we work toward decarbonisation commitments. Society’s decreasing reliance on traditional energy sources such as coal and petrochemicals will result in an employment shrinkage but reskilling these workers from traditional energy backgrounds to transition into the expanding hydrogen sector should be much easier with the training and skills already obtained.

New skills for a new industry

Given that labour and human resources is going to be the most important part of growing the hydrogen and renewables economy, the value of using a TES provider lies in their extensive resources, such as training companies, healthcare facilities, along with the staffing and outsourcing side, including recruitment.

With all the necessary accreditations, Oxyon can handle the entire labour component, from community stakeholder engagement, to creating training programmes and reporting back to client partners and government to ensure transparency in achieving the desired outcome: an inclusive, sustainable, and competitive hydrogen economy by 2050.

What’s needed to grow the hydrogen economy?

Building the hydrogen economy is going to require cooperation and coordination between many stakeholders, particularly in education and training opportunities. Government entities, educational institutions and the private sector must  collaborate to handle the increased demand for skills and qualifications in this industry. To make the most of these opportunities to build a highly-skilled workforce, industry would benefit from partnering with Oxyon, particularly during the recruitment, upskilling and training processes.

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