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A paint brand with a history and a green heart

Evolving from a long line of paint merchants, incorporating Midas Paints, which itself started out life as a family run chain of paint stores in the 1960s, Paintsmiths is clearly a business with a long, proud and trusted history.

Midas Paints amalgamated with Earthcote in the 1980s and the joint company was later acquired by Barlowworld Coatings in 2006 – a relationship that enabled Midas to fine-tune its focus on service excellence and specialist product development.

Today as Paintsmiths incorporates the core values of Midas’ innovative, solution-based product portfolio and service distinction, as well as Earthcote’s range of luxury finishes – extending this into must-have, accessible products.


Facilities that are not properly cared for can potentially result in the ‘sick building syndrome’, whereby office workers are commonly affected with symptoms such as headaches and respiratory problems. It is no secret that a facility that is green and free of harmful radicals and chemicals, is a healthier environment for employees. A well-maintained facility is imperative for any business. High-performance buildings are characterised by their efficient use of resources and their ability to enhance the safety, health, and productivity of occupants.

Based on these characteristics, environmentally friendly, green paint products like those that Paintsmiths offer are an asset to facilities management as they help to improve and maintain the indoor environment of the facilities. The organic nature of these products reduces the negative impact that their chemically manufactured counterparts have on the environment, as well as on the health of employees working in the buildings.

Paintsmiths is known for pushing the boundaries in product development. They are proud of the gains they’ve made in environmentally conscious technology by developing a VOC grading system, so every coating in their stores are marked to clearly highlight the VOC level of the coating. GreenStar rated, this is recognised as the gold standard in eco-wise coatings in South Africa.


Paintsmiths is the home of Earthcote textured wall and floor coatings. With a recently developed range of new generation flooring projects called Tread and Atelier, which is the latest collection of design-led textured finishes – the newest and the most contemporary.

Paintsmiths have spent years finessing their earthy palettes and naturals, providing a superbly finely tuned nuanced collection of colour. The Midas colours were finessed in collaboration with architects and designers, to offer the most considered colour edit. “And we know that getting colour right is an art”, says Architectural Consultant Helen Botha.

Our expert colour matches can match any colour by eye, so while we encourage you to choose a colour from a chart, our colour matches are also able to match to fabric swatches or any other colour references – the old school way.

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The Old Biscuit Mill, B310B, 375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Tel.: +27 (0)21 447 0217/14


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