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Everything You Need to Manage Your Payroll and Human Resources Effectively

Ensure statutory compliance and streamline your payroll and human capital management with our range of payroll and human capital systems, whether you own a small company or operate a national group of companies.

PayDay Virtual – Online Payroll & Human Capital System

A straightforward system that’s legislatively compliant and boasts superb accessibility from any browser, regardless of the device type. All data is secure and protected. You can print or email PDF payslips at the click of a button and you can manage employee leave, report on such, and view leave history.

Some benefits and features include:

  • No minimum contract and setup fees
  • Automatic calculations of deductions according to statutory requirements.
  • Secure automated backups.
  • Standard reporting for improved management of payroll and human resource information.

PayDay Visual – Employee Self Service

Our Employee Self-Service Module provides employees with direct access to payroll and personal information. With access control in place, unauthorised access is prevented. Although employees have access to their information and can make certain changes, they can only update, change or add information as pre-authorised according to their user profiles. As such, the portal provides security to prevent data breaches and gives employees access to information when and where needed.

With PayDay Visual you can:

  • Provide Employees with Control Over Their Personal Details
  • Employees Can Track Leave Application Progress
  • Provide Employees Access to Important Information
  • Employees Gain Access to Tax Certificates
  • Access to Historical Data

PayDay Visible – Time and Attendance

Improve the accuracy of your payroll management and ease the burden of time and attendance registration for the HR personnel by investing in one of the best time and attendance solutions in South Africa. We provide a Time and Attendance solution as an additional part of the PayDay suite.

With the user-friendly features of our solution, you are able to streamline time and attendance management. It enables authorised personnel to review, edit and update, as well as approve employee times. The employees can use our Employee Self Service solution to monitor their own clock-in and movement. The line managers can also view attendance registers for their particular divisions.

PayDay Visible is also accessible via a mobile application that can reside on any smartphone.

Integrated Time and Attendance, Payroll and Human Capital System

PayDay Software Systems is a fully integrated system that comes with various modules such as:

  • Leave Module
  • Equity Module
  • Human Resource Module
  • Post Module
  • Skills Module
  • Budget Module

Whether you need a straightforward payroll solution for your small business or want a fully integrated and sophisticated solution suitable for a large organisation, you can rely on PayDay Software Systems for relevant and affordable systems.

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