About Pragma

Established in 1990, Pragma is an engineering company that delivers enterprise asset management solutions to asset-intensive industries.

We take pride in our future-focused software tools and management practices that help companies in the mining, manufacturing, local government, distributed facilities and original equipment manufacturing sectors. Every organisation has unique facilities and physical asset management needs, for this reason, we have developed a holistic suite of services, aimed at improving asset performance while managing costs and risks.

IIoT: Your endgame is your first step

Media channels are urging organisations to adopt IIoT technologies or risk becoming obsolete. Most of these messages come from abroad, but many South African businesses are considering the benefits.

With a plethora of technologies and gadgets promising the “ultimate” solution, where to start remains a stumbling block. When we assist our clients in developing the plans required to take care of and maintain their physical assets, we recommend starting with their endgame. A sound, long-term digital transformation strategy serves as the central beacon for your decision making. Be it your preferred strategic partners or a simple sensor.

IIoT enablement is not the end goal but has a unique role to play when it comes to unleashing the potential of your operational equipment. To gain access to this value now, and in the long term, you need the right data at the right time and place.

At Pragma, our goal is to demystify your data requirements. We use sound engineering practices to identify the most appropriate measurements for you to detect emerging problems early. Our engineers will work closely with you to understand your precise needs and combine these insights with our asset management (AM) road map to develop and monitor your AM strategies ensuring that the correct maintenance actions are triggered, based on processed IIoT data, and completed within service level agreement.

Pragma is an engineering company that delivers enterprise AM solutions. We help organisations perform at their peak while balancing asset performance, cost and risk.

What can IIoT do for you?

You could use a lawnmower to shave, but you wouldn’t. There are many IIoT based solutions out there, some appropriate and some not. Our divisions work together to give you access to an organisation geared for asset-related challenges with solutions suited to your unique environment.

Our R&D division focuses on developing future-focused products and solutions. They’re responsible for sourcing partners and developing the technology platforms to capture and manage everything related to “ground-up” AM digitisation solutions. Our implementation and operational teams are on the ground getting to grips with clients’ practical challenges daily. Their insights are combined with each client’s AM road map, a stringent AM growth chart.

We’ve built our expertise over two decades, working with some of the world’s leading global companies. Such is our track record that our most significant client trusts us with their asset portfolio in 172 countries.

Case Study

Smarter buildings

As a services organisation, we’re highly invested in our people. Our facilities play a role in their wellbeing and must be appropriately maintained. We challenged our team to develop an intelligent solution to improve the facilities management practices of our call centres, training facilities, meeting rooms, IT server room, canteen and general office space.

An ecosystem of technologies to digitise the monitoring of rooms, electricity and water usage was the answer. Various business processes were digitised, and work order automation enhanced operational efficiency. The project resulted in energy savings, improved air quality and reduced costs for the measurement of CO2 and luminance levels. Establishing a credible historical database, enabled us to identify usage trends and improvements and to address wastages as they occur.

Success Story

Extending the life of critical assets

One of our clients, a glass bottle manufacturer, were placed in a difficult position when a critical asset started acting up.

The asset, a transformer nearing the end of its life, will be replaced in 2020. This decision increased their risk of unplanned downtime and had already resulted in production losses and additional maintenance costs. We were tasked to devise a cost-effective IIoT solution.

Connecting the asset with the appropriate sensors and creating a digital twin, meant that we had a digital representation of the asset with access to dashboards, informed by real-time data. Now we can identify trends and asset health anomalies in advance. Our proactive maintenance interventions have already prevented unplanned downtime.

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