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About Proman Project Management Services

Proman Project Management Services is a Specialist Construction Project Management Consultancy.

Our services:

Project Management Professionals
Proman is an effective, established ISO 9001 accredited construction project management practice that is firmly focused on delivery – on time, in budget, and to standard and quality – as our impressive footprint of landmark projects demonstrates.

Why us?

How we Operate at Proman
At Proman we operate as an extension of our client’s organisation. With our focus on delivery we manage professional and contracting teams to ensure projects are completed to uncompromising standards, and built on the three unconditional pillars of time, budget and quality.

The Proman Approach
At Proman we embrace shared values, partnering, teamwork and efficiency in our management philosophy. The Proman approach is to engage the skills of the very best professionals available, and to provide them with a stimulating, rewarding and liberated working environment. Then we effectively harness and direct this skilled team’s collective talents and abilities for the benefit of our clients.

A Big Footprint in the Leisure Business
Proman is recognised for its many successful projects in the entertainment, leisure and hospitality industry and has long established relationships with major international hotel brands. We also have proven experience on major commercial, residential and infrastructure projects.

Contact Details

Offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town

Tel: +27 (0)11 622 3324
Cell: +27 (0)78 890 5464
+27 (0)82 803 8926



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