Property Point


About Property Point

Property Point builds sustainable small businesses serving South Africa’s property sector by helping them secure a toehold in a highly competitive marketplace. We grow and develop entrepreneurs’ skill-sets and business acumen, improve their levels of compliance and enterprise governance, assist to increase profit margins and build sustainability. Our carefully developed two-year programme provides entrepreneurs with the resources needed to develop their enterprises into fully independent companies.

At Property Point, we’re passionate about small business. We’re driven to provide opportunities for small businesses to grow and succeed within the South African property sector. 2018 marks a decade of impact for Property Point. To date, we have created 2,066 full-time jobs and R865.6 million in procurement opportunities for the 130 SMEs that have participated in the two-year development programmes. These small businesses have reported 43% growth in revenue. With our innovative approach and measurable results creating credible, sustainable businesses that are able to grow, create jobs and contribute positively to the economy, over the past decade Property Point has become a leading partnership platform for both public and private participation in small business development for the property sector.

Property Point has enjoyed a home with Growthpoint, a pioneering and entrepreneurial organisation that has spearheaded the ability to support small businesses and showcased opportunities for these businesses. It has also attracted partners such as leading JSE-listed property company Attacq and the South African Department of Small Business Development. “These leaders have aimed their focus on the end-goal of creating businesses that are thriving, growing the economy and creating jobs,” says Shawn Theunissen, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Growthpoint and Head of Property Point.

Looking to the future, Property Point has the potential to become an initiative for the entire property industry and beyond, having established its own track record as a benchmark for providing entrepreneurship development with a focus on growing impacts.

Our specialised services:

• Personal Mastery
• Business development support
• Access to finance
• Access to markets