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PXG. Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period.

Widely recognised for its commitment to developing the world’s finest golf equipment, Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) offers golfers at every level of the game an unparalleled playing experience. The company’s formula for success is its focus on one thing: performance.

PXG is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was founded by GoDaddy founder, businessman and philanthropist Bob Parsons in 2014. Leveraging breakthrough technology and sophisticated manufacturing processes that integrate high-performance alloys, PXG produces the finest golf clubs in the world. We cut no corners and spare no expense to ensure that we deliver the finest golf equipment – clubs that perform.


PXG’s “no limitations, no constraints” approach to research and development, selection of materials and production sets us apart. As a result, PXG produces golf clubs that deliver exceptional performance. PXG clubs not only look sexier, they launch high, go far, feel incredibly soft, are unbelievably forgiving and have a sweet spot the size of Texas.

PXG’s engineers and designers are always looking for new processes and materials to improve on our already outstanding products. PXG will only introduce new products when we are absolutely certain that the look, feel and performance is significantly better than anything currently available.

PXG equipment is exclusively available through top clubs and custom club fitters, supported by Treger Brands. PXG clubs are never sold off-the-shelf. This means every set of PXG clubs are unique. Each club is custom fitted to ensure optimum performance for an individual golfer.


PXG was not started to make money. PXG was founded to make a better golf club. Our focus is on producing the world’s finest equipment – that takes a significant investment in materials and technology – As a result, PXG clubs are amazing, but expensive. The cost to manufacture a PXG club is equivalent to what other companies retail their clubs for but the result is clubs that are second to none. Most golf nuts are technology and equipment junkies, who know the lasting value of purchasing quality equipment. They don’t worry about the price if they know their equipment will improve their game.


PXG has players on both the PGA and LPGA Tours. Ryan Moore is PXG’s pioneer player, having introduced PXG to the tour in January 2015, he did so without a contract, because of the game-changing playing experience. The players who have committed to put PXG clubs in play have done so because they truly believe that PXG clubs are the best and will make a difference in their game. And at the end of the day, we like players who like us.

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