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About Raw Love Pets

RAW LOVE PETS provide quality raw food for dogs and cats made with freshly minced free-range meat. It is a natural, healthy & biologically appropriate, real food alternative to processed & dehydrated kibble.

Raw Love Pets meals are made considering the health and well-being of dogs and cats – providing specie-appropriate, living and unprocessed real food instead of processed, ‘dead’, starch based feed. While dogs and cats can survive on dehydrated grains, they don’t thrive, considering the fact that their ancestral diet contained zero starch and up to 70% water! Pet obesity has become an international phenomenon – arm in arm with a range of degenerative diseases – which more and more pet nutrition experts are linking to nutritional deficiencies caused by inappropriate and unhealthy diets.

There’s a common misconception that raw food is dangerous for dogs and cats due to high levels of bacteria. The truth is that they are well-equipped to deal with bacteria – as always nature knows best. Their saliva contains lysozyme, an enzyme that fights harmful bacteria; their short digestive tract is designed to process food quickly without giving bacteria time to colonise; and the extremely acidic gut environment acts as a bacteria settlement deterrent.

Services / Products We Offer:

Raw Love Pets meals provide a biologically appropriate alternative to kibble. ‘Biologically appropriate’ means that the physical body of the animal is designed to eat this kind of food. For cats and dogs, or carnivores, it means a raw diet high in moisture, high in protein, moderate in fat and low in carbohydrates – no starch.

Dry pet food provides the opposite: no moisture, low in protein, high in fat and high in carbohydrates.

Raw Love meals are made with freshly minced free-range meat fit for human consumption. For dogs, fermented vegetables and organic sprouts are added; and for cats essential taurine and kefir. Absolutely no starch, preservatives, colourants or flavourings are included. During the cooking process, food loses its nutritional value. Keeping it raw mimics the carnivorous ancestral diet, that is, moisture dense and bursting with valuable nutrients and enzymes that enable optimal and balanced digestive processing.

Feed your pets real food and watch them thrive!

Available in four delicious variants, see the full product offering at www.rawlovepets.co.za