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We are living in a time of accelerated change and disruption in which society faces increasing pressure to evolve its systems and processes to meet the demand of the 21st century and beyond.

Within this perspective, education is the most sophisticated social technology of societal transformation and yet it is still a widely underutilised pathway for co-creating and contributing to sustainable regenerative and thriving futures.

Paradoxically our educational ecosystems are still designed for the world of yesterday. The recent Hay Global Skills Index notes that the growing skills mismatch remains one of the key problems of the global job markets.

Consequently, the main tasks of educational institutions will be the development of new curricula that better match the demands of the digital era job market.

To prepare learners for success, the notion of education has to change at scale. Students will need to adapt and be innovative in response to new demands and changing circumstances, in being able to command and expand the power of technology to create new knowledge.

A new Pan-African platform of higher education institutions, Honoris United Universities, is acutely aware of these new demands on higher education and has thus adopted a philosophy of ‘education for impact’ at the core of its curriculum development and student experience strategies.

REGENT BUSINESS SCHOOL a member of this platform has established two Innovation hubs at its campuses: the iLead Lab and the Honoris Collective Lab.

These creative spaces offer the latest exponential technologies and learning experiences which students and community members can use to help carry out their ideas and create innovative enterprises. With courses such as robotics, coding, 3D design and printing students can produce anything from drones to robots using open-source technologies and rapid prototyping tools like 3-D printers and other manufacturing techniques.

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