About Safripol

At Safripol, we create plastics that responsibly shape our world, and create a positive impact.

Born in 1972, we are a forward-looking leading polymer producer and marketer in South Africa, who creates polymers for multi-purpose and recyclable products that support our strategic partners in their efforts to become more sustainable.

We are invested in projects that form part of the circular economy and recycle plastic waste into useful, environmentally friendly products. From cradle to grave, we ensure innovative design and environmental compliance throughout the lifespan of plastics.

By being committed to the pursuit of a circular economy and by helping to create a sustainable future for all, we have disinvested in partnerships and products that we feel are damaging to the environment and are unnecessary. Therefore, neither we, nor any of our partners are involved in the manufacturing of plastic straws, earbuds, grocery bags, six-pack rings, and other irresponsible plastics.


Plastic is a necessary and important part of improving the lives of all South Africans. At Safripol, we have made it our mission to work towards a thriving circular economy.

We use the terms ‘responsible plastic’ and ‘irresponsible plastic’. We define ‘responsible plastic’ as any plastic that is used, handled, and managed responsibly that leads to re-using, re-purposing, recycling, or disposing of safely and correctly. ‘Irresponsible plastic’, by contrast, we define as the plastics that are not used, handled, or managed responsibly, leading to a lack of recycling, over-packaging, dumping, and pollution.

By leading the charge to ‘plastic responsibly’, we take part in and fund projects to educate the public about plastic and recycling and create employment by uplifting communities through various initiatives like separation at source, plastic waste capture from our waterways, beach clean-ups and more.

Over the past three years alone, we, along with our strategic partners have actively supported five major projects with more than 40 spin-offs, from recycling plastics to supplying over 1500 wheelie bins and 5000 waste collection bags for various clean-ups and collection projects. Together, we are helping to keep any kind of waste material out of the environment.

By being at the centre of all these efforts to prevent plastic waste from going into our environment, we believe that by the end of 2021 and in 2022, we will see further growth in recycling and transformational projects to reduce plastic through re-using and re-purposing. We also believe that people will take more responsibility to recycle and that there will be a reduction in litter, pollution, and dumping. All of which is critical to the environment, and to our survival.

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